gentle soul

a gentle soul awakens the beauty within

beauty within awakens the gentle soul

within the gentle soul beauty awakens

a gentle soul awakens to the beauty within

Passersby Words No. 57

I spoke to John. I saw my doctor not thirty minutes ago

Would you like to see this bird it’s a white dove

Cat’s Pajamas is a club

If you’re feeling down the sun doesn’t help

She’s a Killer

Totally free not protected at all

Thank you I appreciate it

…or another bird from the same species

They can’t breathe

Passersby Words No. 56 

You have no conscience 

People are so stuck in their ways

Packa cigarettes right? Sounds good

Who cares about being more than competent

I spent a lot of my time growing up

So you want two of ’em in your mouth – that’s the greediest thing I’ve ever seen!


Thought about bringing gym stuff to work, then I said

Screw That!


Drawing with a 6B pencil, smearing the graphite around with my finger to create dark volumes…Delightful.

The most challenging part is getting into the frame of mind to do it – once I am – it’s Fun!

Talking Trees – Chang Mai, Thailand 1986.

An error is a teacher but it should not be repeated

Separation and ending are inherent in everything

Abundance kills more than hunger

Smallest hair casts it’s shadow

Today is better than two tomorrows

Love is a flower garden to be watered by tears

Money and time are heaviest burdens in life

Until death there is nothing enough

A fluent talker makes a great liar

Tomorrow I shall do good. This is a fools word. Even today is a bit too late. A wise man did good yesterday.

Care shortens life

Beauty on the skin is like a dew on a leaf

With mindfulness a person always prospers

A person with sweet words will feast you with an empty spoon

It is easier to chain an elephant with lotus leaves then to teach a crazy person

Others faults appear like a mountain whereas one’s own seem to be nothing, others smell appear to be tolerable whereas one’s own however offensive is always tolerable

Virtue is revered more than University degree

Good to forgive best to forget

Every bird must peck it’s own food into it’s own mouth

Passersby Words No. 55

I’m always discovering a landmark of change

If your doing it right there should be a windchill

They’re still coming out well, that’s the whole point

How do you know?!

How do you know?!

I’ll see ya soon


Passersby Words No. 54

We’re so lucky that we’re near

I was down a lot of the time

I didn’t want you to get upset It’s more upsetting to me

Verging on uncomfortable

I go to Hawaii in February

The garbage can in the bedroom

He has to have a selling price right?

A nice way to end the day

You don’t get the brown bags

We got nine more minutes to walk

Are we committed to learning?

I remember when we came inside my cheeks were burning

Keep walking


Then whadya wanna do?

You don’t but I like it

A little tight financially

I’ll get back on the gravy train

Most of the people I work with are individual people

You can take my advice or not

I got there a little bit later

Have a great one Man

They didn’t want anybody to come or they didn’t want you to come?

She can’t not write anymore

No she’s on a role

Go flying down I 5 in California

We should do coffee

Don’t even worry

I can’t stand up for eight hours and not eat

Passersby Words No. 53

For a whole minute my breathe wasn’t even coming out

I don’t expect you to approve

That’s how they make concrete Daddy?

I think he knows when he’s going to be in the dark

I have to give you the number

How long for the potatoes Jim?

Passersby Words No. 52

An organizational thing

I was just saying how tired I am

Next summer I’m going to plant

Look at that flower!

I love when he has curly hair

Passersby Words No. 51

I would think they have all the social life

Those are the only clothes I have otherwise I’d walk around naked

Something that overlaps my passions

I work all the time

There’s so many situations that vary

The fuckin’ storm was Crazy!

They like to be on their own

Nobody knows that!